Job [permanent position]: NLP/Data scientist

Rejoins la Team de Fred de la compta

Fred de la compta c’est une solution comptable intelligente qui simplifie la vie des entrepreneurs et des experts-comptables.

Nous recherchons actuellement un NLP / ML Data Scientist pour rejoindre la team de ninjas de Fred de la compta. Si tu ne te questionnes plus sur le choix entre « tab ou espace » alors rejoins-nous au plus vite.

NLP / ML Data Scientist

Tu rejoindras une équipe de 8 développeurs afin de participer au développement de notre application.

Tes missions si tu l’acceptes :

– Prendre en charge des parties importantes des algorithmes de traitement textuels intelligents (NLP/Machine learning).
– Travailler avec les équipes de développeur pour intégrer ses réalisations.
– Mettre en place et suivre la préparation des données.

– Garder un oeil éveillé face aux choix technologiques et algorithmiques effectués.

Stack : Python, C#, Ruby, R ou ce qui te fait plaisir

Profil recherché

Good skills pour résoudre les problèmes, autonome, bon esprit d’analyse et de synthèse. Expérience dans le traitement textuel.
Si tu as une très bonne expérience, si tu aimes le travail en équipe, si tu veux du challenge et que tu aimes le produit envoie nous un mail tout de suite (avec ton CV). Nous aimons les messages qui activent alors vends nous du rêve.


Dispo tout de suite
Lieu d’activité : 64 rue Taitbout 75009 Paris
45-55k Rémunération selon profil

Pour discuter avec Fred

Objet : Olivier, je rêve en Data

Jam, I need you to…

Jam, I need you to…

After completing his secondary education with university entrance qualification, Paul, a french student, is quickly confronted with many questions: 

  • Which university/preparatory class to choose? 
  • Where finding a not too expensive housing?
  • Where finding a summer job?
  • Where drinking in a nice place in Paris?
  • Which doctor is the closest to my home?
  • I go to London to study. What are the cheapest aircraft tickets?

Web? App? Bot?
Web is an information source for Paul but informations are not presented according to its constraints (e.g. location, budget …). The principle There is an app for That obliges him to download an app for each of its above questions (e.g. Yelp, Skyscanner …). But, Paul is left with a multitude of applications on their smartphone even sometimes requiring juggling from one to the other.


There is a third possibility for Paul to live serenely his student life: using a bot. I will introduce you  JAM. This is the bot chat for French students. It is also their friend, their confidant and their advisor.

The supervised artificial intelligence
that caprovide answers to all of students’ questions

Jam is not a concierge service like Claque des doigts or a conversational commerce app like Magic and many others.

Jam is thought out to be the best friend of French students. Jam will help Paul for each step of his student life (housing, job, cultural outings…), motivate him at his examinations and remind him appointments. And all this for free … like a friend. Jam always find the info needed by Paul in minutes or hours if the need is complex. There is no commercial transaction with Jam.

A simple SMS to Jam, a message on Facebook Messenger or on @hellojam_ DM (Twitter) and the experience begins.

First experience with Jam

Jam works with an artificial intelligence supervised by humans. When Jam understands the nature of user need, it looks for the most appropriate information by connecting to existing APIs.

When the user’s message is not completely understood  by AI, the bakers (name given by Jam for humans caring supervision), take over to meet the need. Using a classification brick, AI aids the work of bakers by classifying posts by categories and priority (e.g. information on hourly bus or train).

Launched in April 2015 by Marjolaine Grondin (CEO) and Loïc Delmaire (CTO), Jam knows since few months an explosive growth among students: from 3 000 to 25 000 users in just 4 months. In order to find the best answer to the needs of a student, Jam has over 40 partners such as Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Uber, Deliveroo, Engie … and around sixty bakers.

In view of this undeniable success, the young French start-ups raised € 1 million from ISAI (investment fund of internet entrepreneurs) in January. This fundraiser has mainly to supplement the existing team with specialized profiles techs including Machine Learning, Data Science and NLP … to improve the automation of responses. Today, Jam receives about 30 000 messages per month and automatically treats about 30% of these messages. 50% of messages are processed in human-machine pairs and the remaining 20% are paid entirely by the bakers.

The repercussions in the press of the fundraiser was to significantly increase the number of users Jam. Therefore, the main challenge of the young Jam team for the coming months is to increase the quality and speed of service. information extraction, clustering, Natural Language Generation (NLG) are some obstacles to be overcome to achieve this next NLP!

Technological locks in Natural Language Processing for an usable chatbot 

Understanding semantics to understand user

  • Named Entity Recognition (NER) in general (addresses, persons, objects, dates, places, prices,…)
  • Contextual informations processing (e.g. “What movies playing tomorrow night“,  “Who is the doctor nearest to me?)
  • Messages clustering
  • Coreferences processing
  • Understanding multi-criteria needs (e.g. “I’m searching a 3 seat white sofa-bed)
  • Understanding degraded text (text-messaging language, spelling mistakes)
  • Sentiment analyse to understand the user’s satisfaction

Dialogue manager

  • Anticipation of the interaction with the user, establishment of conversational scenarios
  • Detection of missing information to reduce interactions

Automatic generation of the response

  • Varied Generation according to input data information given by user
  • Simplified generation for some complex responses (e.g. reimbursement rate for a given care) or for some users with reduced cognitive abilities (e.g. mental disability, old age)
  • Adjusted Generation  according to the user’s satisfaction
  • Emotional generation based on user personal problems (e.g. rape, theft, assault, breaking, suicide…)

Chat Bots, Conversational Apps, Invisible Apps, Platforms Bots…What business plan?

The year 2016 is the conversational app year. Indeed, before the announcement of Facebook M scheduled for April 2016, many startups are already positioned.

There are conversational apps focused on shopping (Assist,  KipiAdvize…), travel organization (GoButlerTaylor), news (Quartz), health (Tess), DHR (Tara)…
Many verticals are affected by bot mania. These bots are intended to make life easier for users, but one of the criticisms we can make is that some bots (e.g. Prompt) allow only calibrated interaction as a command line.

It is not surprising to see these chatbots launched on app messaging (Telegram, Line, Facebook, …) or platforms (KikSlackSkype …) to find you the perfect little summer dress, the cheapest flight to Rome or the typical restaurant in Lisbon. Manna is huge for publishers of these bots when their business model would be to take a commission on each sale made or to charge for brands wishing to launch their bot on these platforms.

Brands look favorably bots:

  • First, chatbots are decidedly more customized to the user insofar as the information they refer adapt to the needs without having to change around the interface which is not the case for applications blinds. Finished the time spent to develop apps
  • Second, messaging applications are now more users than social networks. The chatbot can increase the hearing and have a better understanding of customer needs involving more targeted sales.

However, the business around bots on messaging app and platforms must still be determined to become either a dynamic ecosystem or a slump bots. There are two possible perspectives. On the one hand, platforms like Facebook and Slack may decide to play on the verticals (health, travel, news …) such as Chinese WeChat.This gives them many benefits, services will be well integrated with specific language (eg @ to call the basketball game on Facebook Messenger) but this will limit innovation in the field because bots-human interactions will limited by a specific language determined by the platforms. Furthermore, dependence on a platform that can change the operating rules along the way as is the case today with the stores would flee developers in favor of more stable environments. On the other hand, bots as Jam, bots-free-for-all, would bring many innovations because they rely on the free expression of the user involving the development of a natural language understanding technology but there will be many challenges regarding quality of service.

For more information on JAM




Job [permanent or temporary position]: NLP

NLP Scientist

Notre misson

Jam aide les étudiants à trouver tout ce dont ils ont besoin gratuitement grâce à une conversation SMS ou Messenger avec une intelligence artificielle supervisée par des humains.

La startup

Nous sommes une jeune équipe dynamique (la moyenne d’âge est de 26 ans), nous aimons les gens qui n’hésitent pas à faire les choses, la transparence, et faire constamment de la veille.

Nous avons pour ambition d’automatiser entièrement la plupart des requêtes courantes de nos utilisateurs, tout en augmentant la profondeur du produit et en se développant à l’international : c’est pourquoi nous recherchons des talents pour compléter notre équipe, qui compte un peu moins d’une dizaine de personnes aujourd’hui.

Si tu cherches à rejoindre une startup en forte croissance, qu’appendre tous les jours est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles tu te lèves le matin, et que résoudre des problématiques techniques qui auront un impact direct sur les utilisateurs te fait vibrer, tu es sur la bonne page 😉

Tu trouveras quelques slides sur la culture de Jam par ici pour en savoir un peu plus :

Ta mission

Tu seras en charge de mettre en place, de benchmarker et d’améliorer les divers algorithmes de NLP exploités par Jam : de la classification de messages de l’extraction de métadonnées jusqu’au divers algorithmes de similarités, ton travail aura un impact direct sur la productivité de nos superviseurs.

Faire de la veille sur les divers algorithmes de NLP fera partie intégrante de tes responsabilités, tu seras en charge d’apporter des solutions permettant de comprendre le contexte des requêtes de nos utilisateurs et d’automatiser un grand nombre des réponses du système.

Compétences recherchées

Les must have pour postuler:

  • Master ou PhD en NLP, ML, IA ;
  • 2+ ans d’expérience en NLP ;
  • Connaissance en SQL ;
  • Être au courant des diverses recherches / papiers dans le domaine de la NLP ;
  • Parler et écrire couramment le français ;
  • Bon niveau d’anglais à l’écrit.

Les nice to have:

  • Écosystème ruby / rails ;
  • Expérience en développement agile ;


CDI ou CDD (ou stage de fin d’étude), rémunération en fonction du profil.


Envoie un email à avec un CV / github / linkedin / whatever, ainsi que quelques lignes pour appuyer ta candidature.

Job [permanent position]: NLP

[Job posted on february 16th 2016 by DFKI]

Researcher in Machine Translation

University or Organization: DFKI
Department: Language Technology Lab
Job Location: Berlin, Germany
Web Address:
Job Title: Research Fellowship in Language Technology / Machine Translation
Job Rank: Researcher

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Translation


The Language Technology Lab of the German Research Center for Artificial
Intelligence (DFKI LT-Lab) invites applications in Berlin, Germany for a
Research Fellowship in language technology, primarily in the area of machine
translation (MT). The focus will be on the analytical improvement of MT
techniques and on MT evaluation.

We are looking for people who enjoy working in an innovative and enthusiastic
research team, love challenges and are passionate about research and
development. We offer an excellent working environment with a variety of
research projects. The successful applicant will work in a multi-disciplinary
and international team in one of the world’s foremost research centers in AI
and NLP. DFKI Berlin is located in the center of the dynamic, livable and
affordable capital of Germany.

The candidates should have a masters degree or PhD in computational
linguistics, computer science or related disciplines.

Expertise and experience in more than one of the following areas is expected:

– Statistical MT
– Rule-based MT
– MT evaluation
– CAT techniques

Experience in these areas is a plus:

– Machine learning
– Natural language parsing
– NL syntax and semantics
– Language data (corpora, dictionaries, thesauri)
– Mathematical background (probability & statistics)

Expected are programming skills:

– Experience with programming in Java and/or C++
– Experience with scripting languages Python/Pearl
– Experience in web and/or database technology
– A good grasp of algorithms and software architectures

Expected general skills:

– Good communication and teamwork skills
– Excellent problem-solving skills
– High degree of motivation
– Able to manage own workload and meet deadlines
– Good organizational skills
– Good standard of written and spoken English


Successful candidates will be offered a competitive salary based on their
qualifications and experience.


The position is bound to work in projects and can last up to six months.
Extension after this period may be possible.

How to Apply

Please send your electronic application (preferably in PDF format) to Prof.
Hans Uszkoreit and Dr. Aljoscha Burchardt (application emails below
respectively) referring to job opening No. 6-16/HU. A meaningful application
should include a cover letter, a recent CV, a brief summary of professional
interests, and contact information for three references.

Preference is given to applications received by February 29, 2016.

Application Deadline: 29-Feb-2016 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Dr. Aljoscha Burchardt

Job [permanent position]: NLP

[Job posted on february 17th 2016 by Amazon]

Data Specialist

University or Organization: Amazon
Job Location: Massachusetts, USA
Job Title: Data Specialist
Job Rank: Data Specialist; Other

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Discourse Analysis; Phonetics; Semantics; Sociolinguistics

Required Language(s): English (eng)
Japanese (jpn)


Interested in Amazon Echo? We’re building the speech and language solutions
behind Amazon Echo and other Amazon products and services. We’re working hard,
having fun, and making history; come join us!

Data Specialist:

A good fit for candidates with an MA or PhD in Linguistics, Sociolinguistics,
Computational Linguistics, or Human-Computer Interaction. The successful
candidate will work with language modelers and speech scientists, as well as
data analysts, to provide analysis of speech interactions with Amazon devices.

Positions open for US English and Japanese.

– US English fluency required; multiple openings
– native-like Japanese fluency required; experience with Japanese phonetics,
syntax, and/or semantics preferred

Application Deadline: 15-Apr-2016 (Open until filled)

Web Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Shannon Redlin

Job [permanent position]: NLP

[Job posted on february 17th 2016 by Amazon]

Research Coordinator

University or Organization: Amazon
Job Location: Massachusetts, USA
Job Title: Research Coordinator
Job Rank: Other; Research Coordinator

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics


Interested in Amazon Echo? We’re building the speech and language solutions
behind Amazon Echo and other Amazon products and services. We’re working hard,
having fun, and making history; come join us!

Amazon is seeking experienced and highly motivated Research Coordinators to
join our growing data team. The ideal candidate will be flexible,
detail-oriented, and have excellent interpersonal skills. This position
requires the ability to work with minimal direction, and the capacity to
condense complex and ambiguous concepts into clear, straightforward
conventions materials. Having an eye for process improvement is also critical,
as we will look to the Research Coordinator for input on how to evolve our
current processes.

Research Coordinators will manage day-to-day operations for data collection
projects, including conventions documentation and reporting. A background in
linguistics is not required, but useful. –
multiple openings; this position will work with new expansion projects – this position will work with our dialog
and discourse research team

Application Deadline: 15-Apr-2016 (Open until filled)

Contact Information:
Shannon Redlin

Job [permanent position]: NLP

[Job posted on february 23th 2016 by Nuance Communications]

TTS Voice Developer

University or Organization: Nuance Communications
Job Location: Shanghai, China
Web Address:
Job Title: TTS Voice Developer
Job Rank: Other; TTS Voice Developer

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Phonetics; Text/Corpus Linguistics

Required Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin (cmn)
Chinese, Yue (yue)


Leading and handling all kind of processing of Chinese languages related text,
corpus, speech data etc.


– Casting and coaching of Voice Talents; recording monitoring.
– Designing text corpora for recording and testing
– Processing speech data for text-to-speech speech data bases
– Building and testing text-to-speech voices
– Managing all technical aspects of a TTS voice development
– Supporting our professional services teams and contributing to customer
project success.
– Assisting senior team members in research tasks.
– Contributing to the improvement, design, implementation, evaluation and
optimization of voice development tools and processes

Required Skills:

– Experience with acoustic phonetics is recommended.
– Experience in text-to-speech voice development is a strong asset.
– Working in a Windows environment comes naturally to you.
– Programming skills are a plus. Basic experience with scripting languages
like Perl or Python is a requirement

Preferred Skills:

– A creative project leader and a team player, you are willing to take
initiative and goal oriented.
– A strong sense of precision and quality in your daily job.
– Fluent in English and you can write high quality documentation.

Education: MSc or PhD degree in philology, phonetics, computational
linguistics or another relevant field.

Application Deadline: 31-May-2016 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Eva Li

Job [temporary position, 9-18 months]: NLP

[Job posted on february 23th 2016 by Ivona Software/Amazon]

TTS Linguist

University or Organization: / Ivona Software
Job Location: Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland
Job Title: TTS Linguist (UK English)
Job Rank: Other; TTS Linguist

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology

Required Language(s): English (eng)


TTS linguist (UK English)

IVONA Software is one of Amazon’s top notch development centers. IVONA
researches, develops and delivers cutting edge multi-language Text to Speech
technology, leading in voice quality, accuracy and ease of use.

As part of our development team you will work within the Amazon Digital
Products department. This department has developed significant digital
businesses including Amazon MP3, Amazon Video on Demand, IMDB, Amazon Fire TV,
the Kindle Fire and our recently released Amazon Echo.

IVONA is a team of creative people who successfully combine passion and
ambition in creating one of the best speech synthesizers in the world, and now
are one of the most visible teams within Amazon where you will get the chance
to have a huge influence on making a positive impact on customers all over the

At Amazon, we take pride in building complete end-to-end solutions, staring
from researching a problem, implementing the solution, building a scalable and
reliable service and ensuring the service is there when you need it.

This position is based at IVONA headquarters in Gdansk, Poland.

As a TTS Linguist you will work alongside Software Developers who are subject
matter experts in speech synthesis and related fields. You are expected to
have solid knowledge of linguistics, in particular knowledge of
phonetics/phonology. You will be working on a variety of tasks to improve
natural language processing of TTS (text-to-speech). You will actively
collaborate with Software Developers with linguistic expertise throughout the
whole language and voice building process at Ivona/Amazon.

Project duration: 9-18 months, with the possibility of turning the position
into a permanent one.

The tasks include:

– Normalizing textual resources through regular expressions.
– Creating natural language test cases for natural language processing
– Labeling text with semantic, syntactic and morphological features
– Annotating lexicon entries according to guidelines.
– Producing / validating phonetic transcriptions for UK English.
– QA of TTS voices and linguistic data.

Basic qualifications:

– Native-level proficiency in UK English.
– Degree in Linguistics, with specialization in Phonology, Computational
linguistics or similar.
– Solid knowledge of regular expressions.
– Solid knowledge of phonetics and phonology.
– Ability to create / fix phonetic transcriptions for UK English.
– Knowledge of Unix/Linux command line tools.

Preferred qualifications:

– Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python).
– Familiarity with software version control tools (e.g. Git).
– Solid communication skills.
– Strong personal interest in learning, researching, and creating new
technologies related to foreign languages, linguistics, phonetics, phonology
and language technology.
– Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, dynamic work

Application Deadline: 31-May-2016 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Marco Nicolis

Job [freelance]: NLP

[Job posted on 15th september 2015 by Lionbrige on Linguist List]

Computational Linguists

University or Organization: Lionbridge
Department: Tampere
Job Location: , —————- (Telecommute)
Web Address:
Job Title: Computational Linguists: Korean
Job Rank: Computational Linguists; Other

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics

Required Language(s): Korean (kor)


Required Skills/Background:

– Native language: Korean
– Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computational Linguistics or Bachelor’s or Master’s in general linguistics and studies in Computational Linguistics
– Strong linguistic comprehension
– Experience in Language Technology – educational, research or work experience
– Experience in language tool development
– Experience in using scripting languages (Python, xml, Regular Expression, etc.)
– Good programming skills are a plus
– Experience in annotation/corpus/dictionary/terminology work is a plus
– Great attention to detail while working efficiently
– Good organizational and analytical skills
– Good communication skills
– Excellent English skills, other language skills are a plus
– Possibility to work part-time or full-time from home on freelancer basis, around 30 hours/week

Please send us your complete resume, including your availability, hourly rate wish and current location to the application email below.

Lionbridge is the leading provider of translation, development, language and testing solutions that enable clients to create, release, manage and maintain their technology applications and Web content globally.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about language technology and SW engineering, quality and delighting the customer. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you!

Application Deadline: 31-Oct-2015

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Resource coordinator Elena Pirttisalo

Jobs [permanent position]: NLP

[Job posted on 11th september 2015 by Lionbridge on Linguist List]

Knowledge Engineer

University or Organization: Lionbridge
Department: Tampere
Job Location: Paris, France
Web Address:
Job Title: Knowledge Engineer: French
Job Rank: Knowledge Engineer; Other

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Pragmatics; Semantics

Required Language(s): French (fra)


Required Skills/Background:

– Native language: French (fr-FR)
– Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computational Linguistics, or other Language Technology related area as well as in Computer science and SW Engineering is a must
– Some experience of computer programming (Python, xml, Regular Expression, etc.)
– Strong linguistic comprehension
– Interest in Q&A, semantics and related areas is a plus
– Ability to learn a wide range of skills, for example demonstrated by a joint degree or broad range of subject choices earlier in your education.
– Available to spend significant time in the UK while training
– Ability to demonstrate problem-solving skills and to contribute to the development of high-quality products.
– Comfortable working under pressure to meet deadlines
– Excellent English skills, other language skills are a plus

Specific responsibilities will include (but not limited to)

– Expanding and maintaining the system’s ability to translate questions and answers between natural language and the system’s internal representation and vice versa.
– Representing real-world objects and concepts in ways that both computers and people can understand.
– Working to maintain the quality of the knowledge already in the system.
– Expanding the capabilities of the platform to infer new knowledge.
– Working with the teams of developers and machine learning scientists to enhance the existing technology and invent new techniques.
– Working closely with teams at remote locations, particularly the UK.

The location of the project is not fully confirmed yet. So if you are interested in participating in this project please contact us irrespective of your location.

Please send us your complete resume, including your availability, hourly rate wish and current location to the application email below.

Lionbridge is the leading provider of translation, development, language and testing solutions that enable clients to create, release, manage and maintain their technology applications and Web content globally.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about language technology and SW engineering, quality and delighting the customer. If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you!

Application Deadline: 30-Sep-2015

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Resource coordinator Elena Pirttisalo