Aurélie Merlo


Since 2012, I am computational linguist at the startup Ergonotics specialized on natural language processing.
I’m working on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) with pictograms based on a Natural Language Generation (NLG) engine with semantic prediction. I set up an innovative language model to predict semantically all concepts of a sentence. I developed multiple linguistic resources as a deep semantic grammar, an ontology, a morpho-syntactic and semantic lexicon and surface rules. This language model is multilingual. It has been proven so far to French, English and Spanish. I am co-inventor of a patent for predictive generation of natural language system.
Ergonotics also has a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology. I also create semantic resources in Unitex (dictionaries, recognition of graphs, transducers) to understand sentences of any type of field.

I obtained a professional Master degree in Computational Linguistics from the University of Lille (France), a research Master degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor degree on Literature from the University of Nancy (France).

My specialties: Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Semantics, Computational Semantics, Distributional Semantics, Derivational Morphology, Argumental Structure, Subcategorization Frames.

My interests: NLP, startup, photography, meditation, DIY, learning, dreaming, curiosity, life


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Disclaimer: Orizontal is my personal project and is not affiliated with Ergonotics.