Jobs [temporary position, 6-11 months]: NLP

[Job posted on may 21th 2015 by Adecco UK on Linguist List]

Speech Linguistic Project


University or Organization: Adecco UK
Job Location: London, United Kingdom
Job Title: Speech Linguistic Project Manager
Job Rank: Other; Speech Linguistic Project Manager

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Phonetics

Required Language(s): English (eng)
Finnish (fin)
Slovak (slk)


Speech Linguistic Project Manager

Location: London, UK

Duration: 6-11 months (with potential for extension)

Pay rate: 25.00/Hr GBP (PAYE)

**This is not a permanent position but a contract position through an
employment agency.

As a Linguistic Project Manager and a native-level speaker of one of the
target languages, you will oversee and manage all work related to achieving
high data quality for speech projects in your own language.

You will be based in London, managing a team of Speech Data Evaluators and
working on a number of projects towards TTS synthesis.

This includes:

– Training, managing and overseeing the work of your team
– Creating verbalisation rules, such as expanding URLs, email addresses,
– Creating annotation conventions
– Evaluating data quality
– Providing expertise on pronunciation and phonotactics
– Working with QA tools according to given guidelines and using in-house tools

Job requirements:

– Native-level speaker of Australian English/South African English/Nigerian
English/Finnish/Slovak (with good command of the standard
dialect) and fluent in English
– Must have attended elementary school in the country where the language is
– Keen ear for phonetic nuances and attention to detail; knowledge of the
language’s phonology
– Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts; should have an interest
in current speech, mobile, and online technology
– Excellent oral and written communication skills
– Good organizational skills
– Previous project management and people management experience
– Previous experience with speech/NLP-related projects a plus
– Advanced degree in Linguistics preferred; experience with Computational
Linguistics a plus
– Also a plus: proficiency with HTML, XML, and some programming language;
previous experience working in a Linux environment

Adecco is an equal opportunities employer.

Application Deadline: 21-May-2016 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Miss Fadila Kara
Phone: +44 (0)207 340 8640

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