Jobs [permament position]: NLP

[Job posted on May 16th 2016 by LinkedIn on List LN]

Applied Scientist, NLP

At LinkedIn, we regularly process the semi-structured content in the
340+ million member profiles and the content they create on LinkedIn,
such as comments, job descriptions, group discussions, and Influencer
posts. We are building an NLP (Natural Language Processing) team at
LinkedIn and this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.


– Design and develop NLP systems and tools.
– Research and evaluate different solutions to NLP problems.
– Produce deliverable results and see them through from development to
– Interact and work with remote teams located in different timezones.


– PhD in Computer Science or related discipline.
– Expertise in several of the following domains: sentiment analysis,
information extraction (POS, N/E tagging with HMMs/CRF etc), feature
extraction, classification, tokenization, and processing of
non-English text.
– Machine Learning & Text mining exposure and familiarity with R, Weka,
NTLK etc.
– Solid experience in Java, C++, or another object-oriented language.
– Excellent communication skills, drive and discipline to get things

We’d prefer if you also have:

– Worked with web-scale traffic and data.
– Experience with Hadoop, Pig, or other MapReduce paradigms.
– Experience with Lucene, SOLR or other open-source IR toolkits.
– Published work in academic conferences or industry circles.
– Experience with consumer-facing product development and design.

To apply go to or to reach
out for more information, please email Deirdre Hogan
(<>) and Jorge Handl


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