Jobs [temporary position, 6-12 months]: NLP

Job posted on february 19th 2015 by Amazon

Computational linguist – Japanese


(ID 262552)
IVONA Software Sp. z o.o.

PL, Gdansk

Intitulé du poste

As a Linguist you will work alongside Software Developers who are subject matter experts in speech synthesis and related fields to define and fulfill linguistic data needs. You will be working on tasks to improve natural language processing of TTS. You will help Software Developers with linguistic expertise throughout the whole language and voice building process at Ivona.
Project duration: 6-12 months with potential for extension and/or change of position character from temporary to permanent.
The tasks include:
– Annotating and reviewing linguistic data,
– Generating NLP data,
– Creating test cases for natural language processing modules,
– Labeling text with semantic, syntactic and morphological features,
– Annotating lexicon entries according to guidelines.
– QA of TTS voices and linguistic data.


– Native speaker of Japanese
– Fluent in English
– Solid communication skills,
– Degree in Linguistics, Phonetics/Phonology, Computational Linguistics or similar,
– Strong personal interest in learning, researching, and creating new technologies related to foreign languages, linguistics, phonetics and language technology,
– Strong personal interest in language technology,
– Comfort with multiple computing platforms (Unix, Mac, Windows),
– Attention to details and good organizational skills.
– Comfortable working in a fast paced, highly collaborative, dynamic work environment.

Qualifications appréciées

– Knowledge of scripting languages (Perl, Python),
– Background in TTS, ASR or NLP technology


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