Jobs [temporary position, 6-11 months]: NLP

[Job posted on January 25th 2015 by Adecco UK on Linguist List]

Speech Data Evaluator

University or Organization: Adecco UK
Job Location: London, United Kingdom
Job Title: Speech Data Evaluator
Job Rank: Other; Speech Data Evaluator

Specialty Areas: Computational Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology

Required Language(s): Dutch (nld)
English (eng)
Finnish (fin)
German (deu)
Greek, Modern (ell)


Speech Data Evaluator – Australian English/German/Dutch/Finnish/Greek

Duration: 6-11 Months
Location: London
15.40/Hr (to be confirmed)

As a Speech Data Evaluator and a native-level speaker of one of the above
languages, you will be part of a team processing large amounts of linguistic
data and carrying out a number of tasks to improve the quality of this
internet corporation’s speech synthesis.

Responsibilities will include;

– Classifying and annotating linguistic data
– Audio evaluation
– Labelling text for disambiguation, expansion, and text normalization
– Providing phonetic transcription of lexicon entries according to given
standards and using in-house tools


– Native-level speaker of one of the above langauges (with good command of the
standard dialect) and fluent in English
– Passion for language with good knowledge of orthography and grammar in the
target language
– A degree in a language-related field such as linguistics, language teaching,
translation, editing, writing, proofreading, or similar
– Keen interest in technology and computer-literate (should feel comfortable
using in-house tools and should have an interest in current speech, mobile and
online technology)
– Attention to detail and good organizational skills

Application Deadline: 22-Feb-2015 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Miss Stephanie Wilson-Pink

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