Jobs [temporary position, 12 months]: NLP

[Job posted on January 9th 2015 by Voxygen on Linguist List]

Linguist – Dutch Language

Voxygen, SAS is looking for a linguist for Dutch language.
Would you find the job announcement below.

_Organization_: Voxygen, SAS – Job Location: Rennes, France –

_Specialty Areas_: Computational Linguistics; Natural Language
Processing, Speech Synthesis

_Required Language(s)_: spoken Englishor French and native Dutch

Voxygen is a young and innovative company, created in September 2011,
and located in the Lannion and Rennes areas, France.
Experts in the field of speech synthesis and linguistics work together
to develop speech synthesis products and services for European, Arabic,
African, American markets, with a particular focus on the creation of
expressive voices for industrial and entertainment purposes.
The speech synthesis solution is widely deployed in voice servers and
mobile applications and operates in a large range of environments: PCs
and servers (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and mobile devices (Android, Windows
Mobile, iPhone OS, Symbian).
Voxygen is currently working on adding Dutch to its catalogue of offers.

_Task description_:
Speech synthesis is a cross-disciplinary area requiring computer
science, linguistic and speech processing skills. The linguistic
processing is a central component that analyzes text to determine its
part-of-speech tags, pronunciation and intonation. This requires the
candidate to have some experience in Natural Language Processing.

The candidate will be in charge of the implementation of the linguistic
processing for the Dutch language by using or adapting existing language
processing tools.

He or she should bring innovative ideas to the technical team and may
interact with marketing and sales teams on needs concerning Dutch.

_Profile of the candidate_:
– Knowledge in native-spoken Dutch;
– MSc or PhD in Computational linguistics or related fields;
– Experience in Natural Language Processing;
– Must be able to work with spoken English or French;
– Skills in computer programming (C/C++, Perl, Python) will be a plus;
– Appreciates working in a team spirit.

_Contract duration_: 12 months with a possible extension of 6 months,
starting as soon as possible.
Apply to: Brigitte O’RORKE or Olivier ROSEC –

Chiara MAZZA
Ingénieur Linguiste R&D
Voxygen S.A.S. +33 (0)2 99 31 81 72


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