Jobs [permanent position]: NLP

[Jobs posted on January 5th 2015 on NLPeople]

Sr. NLP Engineer

About this job

Vital Text Systems (VTS), is a three year old startup in Portland, Maine.
We need to add to founder team an experienced Sr. NLP engineer.
This position is an equity position until a funding round completes in April.
We establish no regular schedule, we have a backlog of stories to complete.
You engage a backlog item, work with the others to complete it, test it, and launch it.
All things completing as agreed you intend to join full time employment with VTS.

Current Situation

The VTS founders, a serial entrepreneur software engineering leader in his sixth startup, a PhD professor of linguistics, and a Sr. Executive currently leading a $250mm division of a global technology corporation two other software engineers. We are completing our third Minimum Viable Product (MVP) delivery with an app on Chrome Web Store (CWS) some revenue will follow. Senior staff corporate advisors in multiple industries review progress every couple of months since late 2013. We are confident and expect to self-fund our growth following this next round of funding. Our legal team in Maine was chosen through a competitive program attended by the top five legal teams in Maine. We embrace geographically distributed US contributors, you need not reside in Maine. Maine is a beautiful, environment for growing families. Our story is much bigger, we’re always eager to recount it.

Read our first regular patent application here: Vital Text Systems WO 2014093935 A1.


Vital Text Systems



How to apply:

There is an excellent foundation in place.
We need this support immediately.Provide your contact information and we’ll do the rest.



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