Jobs [temporary position, 3 months]: NLP

[Job posted on September 21th 2014 by Basis Technology on Linguist List]

Korean Consultant

University or Organization: Basis Technology
Job Location: Massachusetts, USA (Telecommute)
Job Title: Korean Consultant
Job Rank: Consultant

Specialty Areas: General Linguistics

Required Language(s): Korean (kor)


Basis Technology looking for someone to consult with our software engineers to
improve linguistic analysis for Korean text.

– Native fluency in Korean
– Proficiency in English
– Degree in Linguistics or similar background
– Availability to work remotely ~30 hours per month/3 months

– Identify linguistic phenomena to improve:
a) Tokenization and segmenting text without whitespace into words
b) Lemmatization rather than stemming for search
c) Decompounding
d) Name normalization, especially removing particles from proper noun mentions
– Explain heuristics to engineers
– Help adjudicate annotations and review guidelines
– Provide examples of Korean text, separate it into words (and sometimes
further in the case of many compounds) and then produce lemma for the words in
context and removing particles from Proper Nouns so that we may help provide
better Korean search.

Please send CVs and any questions to the application email below.

Application Deadline: 30-Nov-2014 (Open until filled)

Email Address for Applications:
Contact Information:
Laurie Crist


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