Jobs [permanent position]: NLP

[Jobs posted on April 28th 2014 by Decision Resources Group]

Lead Ontology Developer

Job Summary:
We are seeking a Lead Ontology Developer to develop and build a central governance platform for storing and managing a wide range of ontology/ taxonomy domains. Access to ontology/taxonomic resources will be service-based from both customer-facing and internal products. This ontology project will eventually form the basis of advanced knowledge representation efforts and the delivery of knowledge-based products at Decision Resources Group.
The Lead Ontology Developer will be responsible for the technical architecture, design and implementation of concept-based ontologies that can support multiple taxonomic views of varied and complex structure across several health-related domains including; organization, geography, person, drug, disease, etc.
  • Design and execution of ontology platform
  • Collaborate with solution leaders and technology development teams to manage priorities, communicate timelines, and champion overall platform vision
  • Consult with solution leaders/business analysts and other stakeholders to ensure that business priorities are clearly defined
  • Liaise with and provide guidance to any local and/or off-shore development resources
  • Manage platform roadmap plans that show key releases and milestones, working with key stakeholders to deliver on time and within budget
Required Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years of experience developing or maintaining ontologies/taxonomies
  • Expertise in Java and/or Python
  • Experience with service-based architectures
  • Working understanding of RDF and/or other semantic tools
  • Experience with UMLS, Protégé or other rich ontologies or ontology tools or systems
  • Up to 10% of travel to remote office sites may be required



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