Jobs [permanent position]: NLP

[Jobs posted on April 29th by Five9]

NLP/Information Retrieval


Five9 is a leader in Cloud based Call Center solutions and one of the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies. To complement our rapid growth, we are actively looking for a talented and experienced NLP Engineer to join our Social Development group, which is based out of San Ramon, CA and Madrid, Spain. Five9 offers a very competitive base salary, full benefits package, and employee stock purchase plan. Five9 is a high energy environment with lots of room for personal and professional growth. The ideal candidate will bring to the table:
  • 5+ years of general software development expertise
  • Experience with – Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Semantic Technologies
  • A strong desire to be part of an exciting and growing international company
Key Requirements:
  • +5 years of general Software Development
  • Strong working knowledge of an Object Oriented Language (Python and/or Java preferred. C# is also OK)
  • Object-Oriented Software Design practices
  • Solid background in – Concurrent/Parallel/Distributed Programming
  • Working knowledge of Design and Architectural Patterns.
  • +3 years working on Natural Language Processing/Information Retrieval
Expertise in one or more of the areas listed below:
  • Sample skills: classification, clustering, regression
  • Sample technologies: Mahout, Weka, Rapidminer, scikit-learn
  • Sample skills: named entity recognition, parsing, summarization, information extraction, topic modelling
  • Sample technologies: OpenNLP, NLTK, Mallet, LingPipe, Stanford CoreNLP, Freeling
  • Sample skills: Relevance feedback, query expansion, collaborative / content-based filtering
  • Sample technologies: Apache Lucene/Solr/elasticsearch
  • Sample skills: Ontologies/Folksonomies, RDF-based datastores, inferenceSample technologies: Apache UIMA, Apache Jena, SPARQL, OWL
Desired Skills:
  • Strong with both Python and Java
  • Data visualization techniques-Postgraduate degree in computer science or related field preferred (MS, MEng.)
  • Research experience in the area
  • Experience developing scalable, fast, highly-available software


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