Jobs [permanent position]: NLP

[Jobs posted on April 9th 2014 by Yahoo]

Research Scientist


Job Number : 1445650
Primary Location : United States of America-California-Sunnyvale
Other Locations : United States of America-New York-New York


We are looking for world class, fun-loving research scientists to join our search and anti-abuse science team, and this area is teeming with new challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Job Responsibilities

We are looking for a few research scientists with strong background in machine learning or data mining or natural language processing to this team. Your essential responsibility is to focus on search relevance, query understanding, query triggering, email spam, login fraud, etc.

Your long term responsibility includes deep understanding and analyzing the search relevance issues, mining the large corpora of click log and query logs, designing and developing better ways to understand query intent and improve search relevance, detecting spam emails in real time, which may include machine learning in ranking, natural language processing, entity extraction, and text classification, etc.

A suitable candidate for this position will be a highly motivated person with innovated ideas and solid coding skills, who will be able to work closely with other team members and collaborate with engineering teams.

Minimum Qualifications

  • PhD in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience in machine learning, or data mining
  • Experience or interest in natural language processing, or information retrieval
  • Experience in C or C++ or Python
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with people from a variety of technical backrounds

Preferred Qualifications

  • Minimum two years of industrial experience
  • Fluency in Python, Per, or another scripting language desired
  • Experience with Matllab, R, or other statistical tools
  • Experience with big data, Hadoop, Pig, Map Reduce concepts
  • Established track record in research and publication of IR, NLP, ML
  • Project R&D skills in industrial environment