Emploi [CDD, 6 mois] : TAL

[Offre diffusée sur la liste RISC le 25 septembre 2013 par Voxygen SAS]

American English language technician


Voxygen SAS, a young and innovative company, is looking for an American English language technician to work in one of its Text-to-Speech projects.

Voxygen develops speech synthesis products and services for World-wide markets, with a particular focus on the creation of expressive voices for
industrial and entertainement purposes. For more information on the company, please visit: http://www.voxygen.fr

Job description:
– Validation of sentences correctness for script creation: verification of orthography, grammar, readability and phonetic transcription.
– Participate in the voice-talent casting.
– Assist company experts with native language expertise during script recording sessions.
– Revision of automatic phonetization and segmentation of recorded script sentences.

Job Requirements:
– Fluent in spoken American English.
– Thorough knowledge of the language grammar and orthography.
– Keen ear for phonetic nuances.
– A degree in any language-related field such as linguistics, translation, language teaching, will be helpful.
– Knowledge of the target language phonetics or previous experience with TTS will be a definite plus.
– Attention to detail.
– Keen interest for language and technology.

This is a temporary position for 6 months. The job will be located in Brittany, France (near Rennes or Lannion).

This is a great opportunity to participate in an exciting state-of-the-art project and to colaborate with world-class experts in the field of TTS.

If this sounds interesting to you, please send us your CV to:
jobs [ chez ] voxygen.fr