Emploi : TAL

Multi-modal Natural Dialog Engineer, French, Montreal, Canada

Big Data Careers is currently looking for a Natural Language Understanding Engineer, French. Our client is the leader in natural language processing.

As a member of the NLP Research group, the candidate will be part of the team that will develop state-of-the-art multi-modal natural dialog system for mobile platforms (smartphone, and more). He/She will be building the most advanced natural dialogue applications for public consumer use cases.

The candidate will be working with cutting edge technology and is expected to do exploratory work, improving and innovating, while focusing on delivering the required application features.

The candidate will also work on challenging research problems that have a concrete impact on real-world applications. The main focus of this is to enhance our advanced dialog architecture so that it can allow application developers to author rapidly and intuitively, and tune systematically, highly performing, potentially multi-modal, natural dialog systems.

Develop and support real-life advanced-dialog applications, systematically improving their performance and transferring know-how to application groups

Improve existing dialog architecture so that;
General dialog strategies such as corrections, choice navigation, error detection comes for free from the architecture instead of being programmatically added for each application
Re-usability from previous applications is optimized
Necessary application specific input/configuration are intuitive and centralized so that application development is quick and well-defined.


Required: Masters in Computer Science (or equivalent), or Bachelors with 2 years experience.
Preferred: Ph.D. or Masters plus 4 years of relevant experience.

Strong algorithmic and software skills, especially in Java and in designing architectures that generalize well.
Accomplished coder with ability to realize research ideas.
Should be able to take initiative, but also follow a plan and work well as part of a team.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
AI and agent-based programming, speech, natural language processing, experience with Dialog systems, knowledge representation & ontology design, machine learning, data mining and keen interest in applied research are all preferred skills for this role.
Degree in computer science, EE, math or related field. Advanced degree or related experience required.

Resumes can be send to jobs@bigdata-careers.com


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